4 Questions to Ask an Addiction Treatment Center


If you are looking for a rehab center for you or your loved one, it's important to do your research well. You should not gamble with the treatment you seek. However, finding the right alcohol or drug rehab center is quite a challenge. This is because there are many providers in the market. Moreover, there is even those that engage in pseudo-scientific treatment practices to stop addiction.


To avoid wasting time and money, ask any potential rehab center the following questions:


i)             Are you accredited?

Find out whether the center is accredited and has a valid practicing license. There are various bodies around the country that accredit and license rehab centers. These bodies ensure that the centers use treatment methods that have been proven to be effective. Keep in mind that accreditation is not the same as state licensing. The requirements for these two vary widely. Confirm that the rehab center you want to enroll in is both accredited and licensed.


ii)            What are your credentials?

Confirm the credentials of the rehab center. The credentials are proof that a center provides treatment that meets nationally accepted standards. Ensure that the center has credentials for the exact condition you have. For example, if you are an alcoholic, you would want a center with credentials related to management and treatment of alcohol addicts.


iii)          How effective are your programs?

The other thing to confirm is how effective the treatment program of the rehab facility is. Find out whether any studies have been conducted to determine the effectiveness of the program. Apart from this, find out about the success rate that the program has. In particular, ask for data about the people who completely end up stopping their addictive behaviors, view website here!


iv)           How many counselors do you have?

Another important thing to find out is the number of counselors that work at the facility. Find out the patient-to-counselor ratio. You want a facility that has a high patient-to-counselor ratio. This means the patients can have more personalized attention and care from the counselors. Studies have shown that patients that get personalized attention have a higher success rate at stopping their addiction habits.


v)            Are there gender specific treatments?

The way men and women recover from drug and alcohol addiction is different. Thus, you should choose a facility that offers tailored treatments for men and women, click to know more!


Ask the four questions above before choosing an alcohol treatment center.